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NJ online poker revenues bounce in October

index   December 21, 2015   Comments Off on NJ online poker revenues bounce in October

The online poker market in New Jersey responded in a grand way after a disastrous September. As per figures, posted Friday by New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the two poker operators of the state – WSOP/888 and Party/Borgata – generated US$ 1913403 in gross gaming profit, which is significantly above all-time low registered in September.
In another uplifting data, year-on-year profit was down less than in any other month in the year 2015, and not by an unimportant margin. Compared to 2014s October, profit went down only 2.8 percent, while prior to previous month, the smallest decline of 2015 came back in May, when yearly profit was down 10.4 percent. (more…)

Jared Jaffee: An Average but Addicted poker player

index   June 13, 2015   Comments Off on Jared Jaffee: An Average but Addicted poker player

Jared Jaffee was born in United States. Jared is a Brooklyn, NY poker player. He started playing his poker tournaments in the year 2009. His starting was quite nice as he was playing average this year with a low prize token. This year he played three poker tournaments. After that, in the year 2010 he played more eleven poker tournaments. At the beginning of this year he was ranked 1st in Biloxi and was rewarded with a prize money of $49,904. In other events his ranking was low but his prize token was quite high.

After that, in the year 2011 Jared played more six poker tournaments. This year his ranking and rewarded prize token was also too low. This year was too average for him. After that in the year 2012 Jared played only three matches. This year he didn’t played much but his ranking was a bit high in two matches though the prize token was also not too bad. After that, in the year 2013 Jared played a series of fifteen poker tournaments. This year Jared played a lot of poker. This year he struggles a lot to maintain his position, ranking and prize money, which finally made him the winner in his last tournament of the year. In which he was ranked 1st and was rewarded with a prize token of $252,749. (more…)

Kristy Gazes record shows poker rewards the patient

index   April 17, 2015   Comments Off on Kristy Gazes record shows poker rewards the patient

As poker continues to advance, it has provided leeway for talented women to prominence and riches.

The US today hosts numerous poker participants who are top-ranked by the Global Poker Index weekly, there are many women who have featured in the list. Kristy Gazes has been a vivacious poker player in the US for a long time and is among the veteran gurus who are unforgettable. She has played in numerous games where her mettle has been clearly demonstrated and is based in California. Her resume presents exemplary achievements that distinguish her as an epitome and experienced poker professional in the US and yonder.

At the nascent stages of her poker career starting from 1986, she ventured into high-stakes cash games in her hometown Los Angeles. She has specialized in mixed games as well as Hi-Lo Split games like the HORSE. This saw her sail through to the final table of the World Series of Poker HORSE in 2001. His best career accomplishment was in 2005 when she placed 1st in the FullTiltPoker.com Championship, Las Vegas outlasting a final table that hosted big sharks like Ted Forrest and Daniel Negreanu. (more…)

Cory Carroll resume is a complex yarn of commendable results

index   March 17, 2015   Comments Off on Cory Carroll resume is a complex yarn of commendable results

The World Series of Poker is one of the global-based platforms where players cement their standing in the gambling industry while optimizing their grand prize sizes. Canadian Cory Carroll has final tabled twice at the World Poker Tour Championship and has also won the WSOP Circuit Championship Event. However, with the advent of poker tournaments online where opportunities are even greater, he has also ventured in these games. Along these lines, his resume encompasses notable achievements in games he has played.

Online, Carroll has final tabled twice at the Sunday Million $215 buy-in playing under the screen title “UGOTPZD” placing third to rake in $55,289.86 in the 2006 tournament. On that year, he plunged into the November 5th Sunday Million coming second in his heat to walk away with $119,091. Conversely, his resume is rich with winnings he has garnered in live events. In 2007, he played at the WSOP $10,000 NLHE Main Event Championship to place 91st in a pool of 6,358 entrants for $67,535. Carroll brought the final table down in the WSOP Caesars Palace, Las Vegas for a grand prize of $515,176. (more…)

Rupert Elder is a Distinguished Poker Player with a global bent

index   February 14, 2015   Comments Off on Rupert Elder is a Distinguished Poker Player with a global bent

Today when poker has undergone a paradigmatic shift from the conventional live tournaments to a virtual game, professional players are investing in both platforms to make earnings. One top-notch player who has played widely in live events and online poker games is Rupert Elder.

He propelled to global prominence when he clinched the European Poker Tour first prize and bolstered his standing in poker again by notching an additional Aussie Millions ring. He plays virtually under the screen name ElRupert and has amassed beyond $3,000,000.

Online platforms are fortuitous, Elder has leveraged infrastructure to gain substantial bucks. His resume depicts flexibility as he can play online or bet in live events with perspicacity. (more…)