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Poker Fiesta KhelPlay Rocks IIT Bombay

index   June 27, 2018   Comments Off on Poker Fiesta KhelPlay Rocks IIT Bombay

KhelPlay organized akin of poker tournament at IIT Bombay recently that witness a huge participation. The event poker night was conducted at the annual Fest of SJSSOM of IT Bombay’s Avenues, the event help between 27th – 29th Oct. The event was the super success and witnessed participation of numbers of students from Bombay IIT. All of them got engaged in wonderful poker skill game.

There were onlookers at the event and most of them were from IIT Bombay, they belonged to the management division and during the event they were treated to a real poker feast because the players playing there battled each other in the style of Hold’em in Pot Limit Games which involved varying stakes.