8 thoughts on “POKER: Phil Laak Laaked and Loaded PT1 – UNDER THE GUN V1 01

  1. absolumer

    phil laak will surprise any guy who likes poker , he realy sounds n looks like a complete werido but hes a very very very tricky and smart poker player , he has alot in his head then most of ppl…

    watch out from the unabomber… mark my word

  2. highstakes101

    Phil is fluid in a KARMIC sense…He plays WAY TOO TIGHT,( Flies by his seat for common ODDS in areas that are Mathmatically driven like Poker & NASDAQ). His Socialogical skills are OFF the CHART! ( I meet him at Bay101 each year to catch up on Events.)

  3. scuzks

    i like laak alot better after this ….i’m pretty spacey in social situations myself…and i didn’t realize he was smart….he plays pretty timidly whenever i see him ….

  4. JTVal27

    Thanks for the video credit guys! It was definitely a different day at the dropzone for us. Thanks for coming out to skydive mesquite.

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