NJ Residents On Casino Expansion

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New Jersey might be having a populous casino scene, online as well as offline, but a recent finding showcases that the residents are not in favor of expanding casinos any further in the city.

There was a new poll held where NJ residents were asked about their opinion as to what they felt about casinos being expanded beyond Atlantic City. Most residents in NJ would want the casinos to be limited to Atlantic City.

Residents in New Jersey have been included in a recent poll as the state is being pushed by casino owners to allow expansion of such venues outside the limits of Atlantic City. The trepidation could be due to the falling down of iconic venues like Trump Taj Mahal, which would be the fifth in line to shut the doors. This has been happening over the last five years. The governor and other lawmakers are in favor of allowing casinos to be built in other cities as they feel that it would help raise employment and revenue aspect in the state. However, the general polls reveal that voters will probably not favor the expansion. There would be definite polls held in November.

The voters will be asked as to whether they favor the state amending the constitution in order to allow casino gaming venues to come on in two counties in the state which are 72 miles away from the current destination of Atlantic City. The poll was conducted before the vote and it reveals that people are not excited about casinos in other places like Meadowlands or Jersey City. The poll was conducted based on public interest by the Rutgers University Eagleton Center. The poll was targeted to ask the residents about their general feedback on the governor’s performance and whether they agreed with the general direction of progress that the state legislators were taking.