Kane Kalas as high stakes poker pro

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Harry Kalas’ son Kane Kalas has decided to start his career as high stakes poker pro. He is doing wonderful in the poker industry as young poker player. He wanted to become successful as online poker player. For this purpose, he is giving his best and practicing poker day and night. Poker can make you rich if you are playing each turn wisely. He is just 24 years old and Kane is making his regular earning from online poker tournaments. He is playing online poker since 2008.

In the last five years, he has learnt plenty of tricks and strategies from his experience. Now he is taken as professional poker player all around the world. When everyone around the world was enjoying Black Friday deals, Kane was preparing himself for next poker tournament. He is registered at poker listing website and high stakes poker website as a professional poker player. His total earning is more than $4 million till now. Because of his achievements, he has decided to play poker as a professional player. Initially, he started playing poker with his college friends. At that time, he was not so good in poker. At last, he decided to drop school for making regular earnings.

After one year, Kane was playing as a profitable player and he as doing wonderful in the poker industry. In this way, he started playing professionally after few months of dropping school. Today, he is making pretty good money with this exotic game. Kane was very much passionate about broadcasting and communication. He was studying communication in his college time. His father and elder brother are doing great in broadcasting field. In his starting age of career, he was also looking for a job in broadcasting field only. But now he wants to stick to poker games only.