Jeremy Ausmus

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Born in the city of Lamar, Colorado, Jeremy Ausmus had to earn to support his family and this is the reason why he has been looking for broader avenues from where he could earn a living for his family. Since the year 2004, he has been making a great living by playing the game of poker. He had a passion for games right from his childhood and he loved to play chess. When he came to know about the game of poker from his friends, he decided to learn the ropes of the games and master it to the hilt. This was when he purchased a book on the game and learnt the tricks so that he could master the game.

This was the time when he was also getting his bachelor’s degree and completing his education. This was the time when he had also had to support his family and was looking for ways to earn money. One of the most worthy decision on his part was to move to Las Vegas where he played the game full time. He played cash games with friends and moved on to online games. This was when he was constantly winning games and also earning sufficiently so that he could comfortably support his family.

He was very much into cash games till he started winning the live tournaments. This gave him the confidence to play in the live circuit more often. This was the time when the game was also gaining vast popularity and more and more people loved to try their hand there. In spite of the increasing competition, he managed to move on to the final table finishes in many of the games. When he created a record by cashing in at nine continuous tournaments, he was set to become one of the legendary players of today.