Final Table Players of 2015 PokerStars EPT Grand Final Event

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There were fifteen players who started the fifth day game of Monte-Carlo Casino EPT and PokerStars Grand Finale 2015 Event, yet before the night’s over was down to the last six players. A constant flow of bustouts for the duration of the day saw the normal measure of chips take off to around 80 major blinds, this situation sets the stage for an energizing finale.

The six left over players are all now ensured €233,500. Lebanese Hady El Asmar has earned 3,955,00, and he is at first position. While Muhyedine Fares could manage second place as he has gained 15,000 chips lesser than the Lebanese Hady El Asmar who is at first place. Group PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden could score only to remain the game with 45 major blinds. So, is the story of the EPT10 Player of the Year Ole Schemion, his play is also similar with 71 major blinds.

As the game of the day started, Tom Hall could nothing for escaping short stack and he had to come to number 15th, for this positioning was not any surprise for anyone as people expected so from his game. After him, term of Anton Astapau come, he had already crippled in the last hand, and in the later part of the game too, he could not do good.

Now, rest of players of the game gets confident for minimum of €66,500. Another bust-out was observed there, when Frenchman Romain Paon could not save his place in the game, and he was eliminated with the 13th position in the game with €66,500. After this elimination, two more players were to force to be eliminated, and these player were Frank and Pastor who have to satisfied with €66,500 & €78,400 respectively. The game ended with Markus Ross, Fares, Mateos.