Coren Accomplishments Cement the sister-ship of Poker

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With the prominence of poker today where it has morphed to become a virtual game playable online, women have not shied away from the lucrative tournaments. One woman who has participated in the poker arenas and emerged a great heroine is Victoria Coren.

Poker enthusiasts would love to share a seat with the player who has played widely in global based events. What catapulted her to the hegemony of revered female players is not a single game but multitudes of accolades and earnings that she has made in the main events. She has played to win the European Poker Tour in 2005 and 2006 in Sanremo and London respectively.

The main event that distinguished her behind the corridors of the casino was when she clinched the first prize in the Late Night Poker tournament. A closer look at her magnificent winnings along her career, including at the william hill live casino, reveals she is among the women who stand as epitomes to novice female players.

In the 2006 EPT, London, she emerged as the winner to garner a prize of £500,000 where he outpaced Emad Tahtouh. Recently in 2011, she placed 2nd after playing in the International Federations of Poker Inaugural (The Table World Championship) where she lost heads-up. This garnered her purse a cool $1,000,000. She did not withdraw from the poker arenas but continued to play at international events, however, nothing sufficed until in 2014 when she played at the EPT again. She participated in the European Poker Tour in San Romeo where she ripped off a fabulous €476,100 to become the only female boasting twin EPT titles hitherto. In the foregoing, she has cemented her reputation, especially as a woman despite there being a paucity of as many female renowned gamblers who have attained global eminence.

Coren was a member of where she played for years on multiple hands and has raked substantial earnings. 2014 hitherto, she had accumulated a total of $2,400,000 from live events only.