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An Upgraded Profile in the Poker World

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Michael Binger was born in 1976 on December 20 at Florida, Delray Beach who is now residing in the California, Atherton. He plays the poker as the part timer poker but professional player. After completing his undergrad from the North Carolina State University, Michael Binger had received the PhD degree in the theoretical physics at Stanford University in the 2006…. Read more »

Impressive poker player

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Poker has become a second career choice for large population in all around the world. Every year thousands of people are joining the poker circuit. Everyone is trying to reach at the top with his skills and experience. Poker is a game of skills but luck equally matter to win the pots. Michael Bringer was also working hard to become… Read more »

WU and Michael Binger’s Pact

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Gambling in the crude way is what the table poker games is all about and Michael Binger would not mind because on the tables, he is not going to be left behind in winning his games.  One day, online gambling may be accepted by the United States Government as legal but that would not Michael Binger from making a positive… Read more »

Lake Tahoe Favours Michael Binger

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In 2010, It turns out Lake Tahoe may be a lucky place for the poker pros to play like Michael Binger. Chris “Jesus” Ferguson took down the World Series of Poker Circuit main event there in 2009, and in 2010 Michael Binger picked up the win. The win from Binger was dramatic because he took his time in playing the… Read more »

5050 Poker and its downfall

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The Board of Directors from the 5050 poker holding has signed a decision on whether to liquidate 5050 Poker Ltd. In comments made by the company they say Lotteries and Gaming Authority are asking too much for gratuities. Their level is so high that it will not save any assets in order to pay back players that are why they… Read more »

Online poker to be legalized

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There are widespread speculations that online poker may be legalized. The CEO of Caesars Entertainment has been rooting to legalize the online game. He proposes some interesting points to legalize poker. Gary Loveman in an interview to the CNN said that there is possibility that online poker will become legal. Several states of the United States are aiming and taking… Read more »