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Online Poker Tournaments

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Online poker tournaments are leading the live poker rooms and casinos. In this technical era, people are moving towards online gaming world. Many poker rooms and casinos have created their own sites, which allow several people all over the world to join their online poker rooms and online casinos to play poker. Here, players from all over the globe join… Read more »

Justin Schwartz Next Big Win

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On the same Sunday 17th March 2013, the poker fans were treated with yet another thrilling final day for another poker event. This time , it was the fox wood poker classic series that finally wrapped up but not without a high level of play on the final day that left the fans wishing If only it lasted just a… Read more »

Beth Shak’s poker game analysis

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Beth Shak is the American professional poker player. She entered the poker world only in 2002, but she began playing professionally within 2 years. She started playing in the online poker Full Tilt Poker’s Play Money’ table, but she reached to the real money very fast. Initially it was difficult to Beth, when she joined the live poker arena, but ever… Read more »

PokerStars TCOOP Smashes Records, $24m Awarded

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In 2013 online turbo championship, PokerStars has smashed all records. In fifty events, total of $24 millions are awarded to the poker player. In 2012, total prize money during Turbo Championship was $20 million only. This year, more than 5000 players have participated for the poker event and prize money was increased significantly according to number of players. At the… Read more »

Focused and crazy poker player

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Lex Veldhuis is a young achiever in the poker world who exactly knows where he stands and where he wants to go. Currently, he is spending royal life in Vegas and playing high stakes poker against popular poker players. There are lots of crazy poker stories associated with Lex Veldhuis. Now he has become more mature with clear and focused… Read more »

Michael Binger Poker Tips

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Michael Binger is a part-time professional poker player. He holds the distinction of having earned a doctorate degree in physics from Stanford. In 2006, the same year he graduated from Stanford, he also won the World Series of Poker Main Event. He took home winnings in excess of $4 million for this win. Binger uses his winnings not only to… Read more »