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David Reese

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Recognized by numerous to be the most fabulous high stakes trade game poker player in for money the planet, Chip Reese was conceived David Edward Reese in Dayton, Ohio in 1951. The profession decision ended up being an exceptional one, as David “Chip” Reese went ahead to win World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet in 1978 and 1982. It is assessed that Reese made more than two million dollars throughout his first two years of expert poker. In the wake of winning his second WSOP bracelet, Chip surrendered competition play and chose to center his consideration on the more lucrative money diversions. He returned at the assertion of his youngsters who needed to see their father play poker on TV. He completed well, making the last table at the Jack Binion World Poker Open and finalizing fourth in his initially broadcast World Poker Tour manifestation.

David “Chip” Reese remains a standout amongst the most dreaded seven-card stud players on the planet and is a standard at Doyle Brunson’s home table, the “Big Game” where a portion of the most costly money games happen. Superstars like Lyle Berman, Brunson, and Johnny and Bobby Baldwin, are all standard players. Actually, Reese created the seven-card stud area of the definitive “Super System,” the smash hit poker book ever by Doyle Brunson.

In the year 1978, Chip succeed his first World Series of Poker gold arm ornament, and he also won the Seven-Card $5,000 Stud Championship in the year 1982. Despite the fact that the wins were fun, the competitions were not almost as lucrative as the side-games. Noted creator and mathematician David Sklansky appraised Reese as the best 7-card stud player on the planet Earth around then, and nothing has changed subsequent to.

Right away, at the age of 54, Chip could be considered on event playing $4,000/$8,000 restrain games at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas.

David Reese demonstrated Binion right when in July of 2006 he won the $50,000 purchase in H.O.R.S.E competition at the Rio All Suite Casino and Hotel.

Kane Kalas as high stakes poker pro

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Harry Kalas’ son Kane Kalas has decided to start his career as high stakes poker pro. He is doing wonderful in the poker industry as young poker player. He wanted to become successful as online poker player. For this purpose, he is giving his best and practicing poker day and night. Poker can make you rich if you are playing each turn wisely. He is just 24 years old and Kane is making his regular earning from online poker tournaments. He is playing online poker since 2008.

In the last five years, he has learnt plenty of tricks and strategies from his experience. Now he is taken as professional poker player all around the world. When everyone around the world was enjoying Black Friday deals, Kane was preparing himself for next poker tournament. He is registered at poker listing website and high stakes poker website as a professional poker player. His total earning is more than $4 million till now. Because of his achievements, he has decided to play poker as a professional player. Initially, he started playing poker with his college friends. At that time, he was not so good in poker. At last, he decided to drop school for making regular earnings.

After one year, Kane was playing as a profitable player and he as doing wonderful in the poker industry. In this way, he started playing professionally after few months of dropping school. Today, he is making pretty good money with this exotic game. Kane was very much passionate about broadcasting and communication. He was studying communication in his college time. His father and elder brother are doing great in broadcasting field. In his starting age of career, he was also looking for a job in broadcasting field only. But now he wants to stick to poker games only.

The Rise of the Poker Geeks

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Whether you prefer to play poker at a live casino, or to sit back at home and make use of one of the many top online poker sites, you will probably think of yourself as something of a poker enthusiast. Poker is widely seen as being either a risky pursuit to be sampled at a swish casino, or maybe a low-key event between a group of friends around a table in a small, out-of-the-way room at home. It is not generally seen as anything more than that – few people would argue that poker is a spectator sport, or that established poker players attract fans in the same way that stars of – say – football do.

However, that assumption is actually quite wrong. With the rise of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), and the increasing networking opportunities offered by the World Wide Web and its many forums and chat rooms, there is a new development in the world of poker: the rise of the phenomenon known as the poker geek. (more…)

Jeremy Ausmus

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Born in the city of Lamar, Colorado, Jeremy Ausmus had to earn to support his family and this is the reason why he has been looking for broader avenues from where he could earn a living for his family. Since the year 2004, he has been making a great living by playing the game of poker. He had a passion for games right from his childhood and he loved to play chess. When he came to know about the game of poker from his friends, he decided to learn the ropes of the games and master it to the hilt. This was when he purchased a book on the game and learnt the tricks so that he could master the game.

This was the time when he was also getting his bachelor’s degree and completing his education. This was the time when he had also had to support his family and was looking for ways to earn money. One of the most worthy decision on his part was to move to Las Vegas where he played the game full time. He played cash games with friends and moved on to online games. This was when he was constantly winning games and also earning sufficiently so that he could comfortably support his family.

He was very much into cash games till he started winning the live tournaments. This gave him the confidence to play in the live circuit more often. This was the time when the game was also gaining vast popularity and more and more people loved to try their hand there. In spite of the increasing competition, he managed to move on to the final table finishes in many of the games. When he created a record by cashing in at nine continuous tournaments, he was set to become one of the legendary players of today.

Online Poker Tournaments

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Online poker tournaments are leading the live poker rooms and casinos. In this technical era, people are moving towards online gaming world. Many poker rooms and casinos have created their own sites, which allow several people all over the world to join their online poker rooms and online casinos to play poker. Here, players from all over the globe join some legal and specific poker sites to play poker games. Numerous legal and authorized online poker game sites are available on the web and one can select any of them and can start playing. These sites organize several tournaments for their players annually on some specific period.

One can play any type of games according to their choice. In tournaments as well a table is for three to ten players, same as just at the live casinos. A player has to book his/her name before the tournament starts, before the last booking date given by the tournament organizers. A player has to fulfill some basic and simpler information about them in the booking form of the online tournament. This information will hold the identity of each individual player with respect to any country. Such as identification, entrance fee, duration of tournament, time zone, mode of payment, etc. all such information.

One big problem with the online tournament is that, the clock varies from country to country and so it will be difficult for players to judge the time. As these tournaments are held worldwide and timings of each country is different from the other; so, there is one specific time given by each site for their tournament. It is advisable that, each player must follow the site time for playing live online tournaments instead of their specific country time. A player has to simply follow the site time and rest everything will be organized by the tournament site owner and organizer.

Justin Schwartz Next Big Win

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On the same Sunday 17th March 2013, the poker fans were treated with yet another thrilling final day for another poker event. This time , it was the fox wood poker classic series that finally wrapped up but not without a high level of play on the final day that left the fans wishing If only it lasted just a day longer.

The Foxwoods poker main event saw it curtains come down on Sunday and the man standing behind the top prize was none other than Justin Schwartz.  The fortunate player managed to beat a total of 192 players to emerge the winner earning a cool $112, 582 first place prizes.  The event which began on the 15th of March saw Omar Saeed on the lead on the first day of play in a field of over ten poker pros that included Nick Petrangelo, James Campell, David Stefanski and other few notable names who also had a very successful day 1 of the event.

With only less than a hundred players making it to the second day of the tournament, this was verily going to be a crucial day for most of the players. The field of play worked its self down magically towards the cash. However, the day came to an early end with only 30 players remaining with Laurence Olanyk leading them all with 699, 600 chips. He was closely followed by Michael young holding 348, 200 closely followed by charbel Azzi holding 348, 000. Fortunately, the only other player who managed to top the 300, 000 mark in chips was none other than Justin Schwartz holding 300, 800 chips and therefore automatically making it to day three of the event in which he emerged the winner.