Return Of Mid-States Poker Tour Returns To Michigan

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Here is good news for poker players as they have a lot coming in their way to exciting them in this fall. The $1,100 buy-in the Mid States Poker Tour Main Event is Battle Creek, Michigan at the FireKeepers Casino Hotel. The casino will begin in October with the $300,000 guaranteed event. As far as satellites are a concern, they will be lesser than $65. The Main Event will take on 14th of October. Poker players cannot wait for the event to begin and are looking forward to win maximum cash.

The marquee event will start from 11th to 14th October and features 3 starting days in addition to players beginning with tournament chips at 15,000. The levels will be of 40 minutes duration and the initial blind level would be 50-100. Also, there is an add-on of $10 for extra chips of 5,000 which gives poker players adequate room for maneuvering. For every starting flight, one single re-entry would be allowed till the 12 level of the game. During the month of May, there were around 1287 players for MSPT Main Event $1,100 and this did create a prize of over $1million. As far as the turnout is concerned, it went up from 1,066 players in May. Mark Brazis, the poker player won the event in this spring and earned $221,000.

Online Poker Series Two-Day Newfoundland And Labrador Happening This Weekend

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As the only Canadian province without at least one casino, Labrador and Newfoundland poker enthusiasts have two options to fix their betting: taking part in a small cash game which is hosted by local watering holes or play the game online.

“The real problem in Newfoundland is that we have no casino and no poker room at this place to host big tournaments,” says Danny Noseworthy, an instructor from Mount Pearl and professional player.

Poker Fiesta KhelPlay Rocks IIT Bombay

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KhelPlay organized akin of poker tournament at IIT Bombay recently that witness a huge participation. The event poker night was conducted at the annual Fest of SJSSOM of IT Bombay’s Avenues, the event help between 27th – 29th Oct. The event was the super success and witnessed participation of numbers of students from Bombay IIT. All of them got engaged in wonderful poker skill game.

There were onlookers at the event and most of them were from IIT Bombay, they belonged to the management division and during the event they were treated to a real poker feast because the players playing there battled each other in the style of Hold’em in Pot Limit Games which involved varying stakes.

New Games Launched At 888poker

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Flopomania has been introducing new by 888poker and the players who are trying the software love this variant game model.

This innovative game was released around the 20th of August and it goes along with sit and go BLAST games and SNAP poker games. The early figures that have been released of the games showcase that the players on the site love what the new variants offer.

The game involves a preflop round; there are bets to start off with and everyone plays the ante and flop is then dealt around. The first player who acts is the one on the left and once this is done, the game continues like a standard hold’em game.

The Push or Fold versions of the game also exist. In such variations the players can fold their hands or place bets that are ten times the ante amount; the bets have a cap limit and there can be multi dealing of hands. For those who have not tried Flopomania, it is a new game that has come to town; it promises to be bigger than Blast jackpot. (more…)

PokerStars Championship Heading To Prague

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Prague was one of the most popular locations where the PokerStars Championships used to be held. This was a sure shot European Poker Tour location earlier.

There is good news for all poker enthusiasts in Prague. The PokerStars Championship is set to make a comeback in Europe and that too to Prague.

The PokerStars Championship will be taking place in Prague from December 8 to 19, 2017. The main event will be taking place from December 13 to December 19 and the buy-in for this main event is €5,300. The festival was earlier held always during the Christmas season in Prague.

The main reason for this is that the city offers a very good and the picturesque winter background that attracts many poker players from all over the world to take part in the event and also enjoy a winter holiday. (more…)

Attempts At WSOP By Michael Binger

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Michael Binger made news when he finished third place in 2006 Main Event of World Series of Poker.

When he participated in the Main Event of WSOP in 2014 it was felt that he was probably trying to make up for the attempt that had nearly gotten him the title the first time. Indeed, to become part of the final table it is an achievement and his second opportunity was definitely not only luck but dedication on his part as well. In the 2014 championship, he was holding average stacks. There were about 6600 people who had entered the Main Event. Hailing from Las Vegas, this resident is considered one of the best players in the mixed game categories. He is known to attempt the Rio Convention Center poker event every summer with the hopes of winning a bracelet. He has been able to obtain considerable amount of cash at several events in WSOP about 29 times. (more…)