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Coren Accomplishments Cement the sister-ship of Poker

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With the prominence of poker today where it has morphed to become a virtual game playable online, women have not shied away from the lucrative tournaments. One woman who has participated in the poker arenas and emerged a great heroine is Victoria Coren.

Poker enthusiasts would love to share a seat with the player who has played widely in global based events. What catapulted her to the hegemony of revered female players is not a single game but multitudes of accolades and earnings that she has made in the main events. She has played to win the European Poker Tour in 2005 and 2006 in Sanremo and London respectively. (more…)

Robert Varkonyi American poker player

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Robert Varkonyi was born on 1961 in America. Robert Varkonyi is professional player of poker. He won only one bracelet WSOP Main events and he got 3 cash prizes in various WSOP poker events. He finished only one time in final table of WSOP main events. Robert Varkonyi ranked as 413th place in All Time Money List. In 2013 his total of tournament winning becomes more than $2,298,983. Robert Varkonyi won WSOP Main event of 2002 and he earned cash prize of $2,000,000 in that event which is highest prize won by him in all types of poker tournaments. He is very famous poker player as he got cash prize of $2 million in his first WSOP tournament. Robert Varkonyi won Gustavo Echeverri Challenge poker tournament of 2002 and got cash prize of $19,585 in that event. He earned 6th place in Bellagio Hold’em event of 2006 and won cash prize of $4,015 in that event.

Robert Varkonyi got 17th place $1,500 Hold’em tournament of 2006 and earned cash prize of $3,690 in that event. He reached to 4th place in Poker Derby $200 Hold’em event of 2007 and earned cash prize of $6,430 in that event. Robert Varkonyi earned 177th place in WSOP $10,000 Hold’em event of 2007 and won cash prize of $51,398 in that event.

He finished in 4th place of Borgata Hold’em event and earned cash prize of $23,828 in that event. Robert Varkonyi reached to 2nd place in Summer Hold’em event of 2009 and earned cash prize of $38,440 in that event. He won Venetian Deep Stack event of 2010 and got cash prize of $65,032 in that event. He earned 14th place in WSOP $2,500 Hold’em event of 2010 and won cash prize of $37,276 in that event. Robert Varkonyi got 514th place in WSOP $10,000 Hold’em event of 2011 and he won cash prize of $23,876 in that event. He is not so much successful but quiet popular poker player.

Scott Montgomery, a player of the great record in poker game

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Scott Montgomery is born on 16th October 1981. In poker world series of year 2010, he won the first bracelet of his poker life. He was a player of the final round in poker world series of year 2008. He achieved fifth place and also earned a large amount of money. He has two final tables in World Series of Poker. He played 16 money finishes. He has good records in the world championship. He is a professional player in the game of poker.

His style of playing poker is needs to be observed by the beginners. Playing game with good technique is the thing to notice about Scott Montgomery. He has four cashes on his name he has even been fifth in this event. He is the player who has won lots of cash on his name. He has large numbers of cash wins on his number. He achieved to get 14 cashes at the WSOP account for winnings with $271688 money. He played total casino 42 and online 5 cashes. He has a championship WSOP circuit on his name. He won the WSOP Circuit championship on 29 March 2011. Scott was eliminated by Peter Eastgate.

Although he didn’t get any title, but he achieved to get 16 money finishes. Scott was a player who has indeed made a great contribution to the game of poker. Scott tried to refuse the thieves when they put pressure on him to give the money, then he decided to give the $2k money that was he had in the pocket. At that time, he called to the security, but they took 15 minutes, so they didn’t catch him. His playing skills in the game of poker have appreciated by experts of this field.

Tobias Reinkemeier has Manifested Distinct Play Strategies

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, he also participates in multiple events at the global level, and this shows he has indefatigable fortitude.  Poker has evolved to become one of the grand global games that get media attention with the rise and fall of championships. Tobias Reinkemeier hails from Germany and acquired prominence by winning international poker tournaments. In the global poker games, there numerous chances to face pros and consistent versions online where play can be high limits that not many players can afford. There are also tournaments which have a numerous limits. On the other hand, in EPT, the seasons offer players a chance to give it try amidst elimination. Tobias has participated in various prominent games like the WSOP, WPT, and the EPT where his performance has launched him to glory.

Firstly, he participated in the World Series of Poker where he has only cashed in once up to 2010. However, 2011 saw him cash in the WSOP to walk away with €6,913 getting a 6th place at the €3,000 NLHE Shootout main event in Cannes, France. At the 2010 WPT, he was first ranked 23rd in the €5,000 NL Hold’em tournament and got $12,000. In 2011 he had double money finishes. In March 2012, he completed runners-up in the World Poker Tour Vienna where he amassed €100,000. In December, he was ranked eleventh in the World Poker Tour main event where he took away €20,000. However, it is the European Poker Tour that glorified his name further. He went ahead to win the €500 European Poker Tour in Dortmund main event and earned himself €30,000 for first place. Bearing in mind that he has thrown his hat in competitive global poker events, his cluster of wins are impressive.

In 2010, Tobias Reinkemeier was ostensibly climbing higher on the ladder of glory. His winning of the European Poker Tour Grand Final €25,000 HR in Monte Carlo tournament gave him €956,000. He returned in the 2012 Grand Final in Monte Carlo and emerged second to go home with €1,064,000 prize in money. This shows that he has seamless moves that give him a cutting edge

Liv Boeree

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Liv Boeree is a standout amongst the best female poker players ever, with over $2,000,000 in live competition profit. She at one time concentrated on at the University of Manchester, accomplishing a five star degree in Astrophysics, before going ahead to find popularity as a model and TV presenter on an extent of distinctive shows. (more…)

David Reese

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Recognized by numerous to be the most fabulous high stakes trade game poker player in for money the planet, Chip Reese was conceived David Edward Reese in Dayton, Ohio in 1951. The profession decision ended up being an exceptional one, as David “Chip” Reese went ahead to win World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet in 1978 and 1982. It is assessed that Reese made more than two million dollars throughout his first two years of expert poker. In the wake of winning his second WSOP bracelet, Chip surrendered competition play and chose to center his consideration on the more lucrative money diversions. He returned at the assertion of his youngsters who needed to see their father play poker on TV. He completed well, making the last table at the Jack Binion World Poker Open and finalizing fourth in his initially broadcast World Poker Tour manifestation.

David “Chip” Reese remains a standout amongst the most dreaded seven-card stud players on the planet and is a standard at Doyle Brunson’s home table, the “Big Game” where a portion of the most costly money games happen. Superstars like Lyle Berman, Brunson, and Johnny and Bobby Baldwin, are all standard players. Actually, Reese created the seven-card stud area of the definitive “Super System,” the smash hit poker book ever by Doyle Brunson.

In the year 1978, Chip succeed his first World Series of Poker gold arm ornament, and he also won the Seven-Card $5,000 Stud Championship in the year 1982. Despite the fact that the wins were fun, the competitions were not almost as lucrative as the side-games. Noted creator and mathematician David Sklansky appraised Reese as the best 7-card stud player on the planet Earth around then, and nothing has changed subsequent to.

Right away, at the age of 54, Chip could be considered on event playing $4,000/$8,000 restrain games at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas.

David Reese demonstrated Binion right when in July of 2006 he won the $50,000 purchase in H.O.R.S.E competition at the Rio All Suite Casino and Hotel.